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About our team

Eyma TEF is a small team consisting of individuals with multiple background in language, science, and engineering who have the experience in handling broad range of documentation and academic writings. We provide support for professionals, researchers, academicians, students, and business entities in preparing their work by serving as their writers, copy-editors, proofreaders, translators and consultants.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Why should I use EYMA TEF service?

Your work is safe in our hands because we endeavor to provide excellent assessment through multiple layers of proofreading.


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Full assistance in composing your work from the initial stage.


Covers re-writing and paraphrasing.


Final draft examination to ensure your works are free from errors.


Brief work in checking document's style consistency.


Document translations for non-legal commercial and academic works.


Meet our consultants who have the proper experience on their fields of study.


Are you ready to start or improve your small business employee training? Talk to our team to customize the training you would like to have.

Online Classes

Are you struggling to understand your topics? Do you need assistance in your subjects due to the pandemic? Contact our team for assistance.

Video Editing

We can help you with your online materials. Our team members have design and video editing experience. Let us know.

How it works

First, tell us what you need. Deciding which service you need may seem quite intricate. If after browsing the details from each of our service still left you in doubt, then we strongly advise you to reach our writers and editors. Often times, all we need is just a brief correspondences or conversations to conclude which services you may need to complete your work. 

Get a Quote (or Job Estimate, if you haven’t finished your draft). Send us the details of your file that include the file statistics (page and word counts), the subject area/topic of your work, and the expected time of completion to our editors. We’ll provide you the details of the price and component of the service within the quote. We have all our services a standard working price, but the total bill may deviate according to the nature of your work and the provided due date of the work itself.  Go to the Pricing page to check the standard price that  will be the baseline of your quote/job estimate.

Additionally, you may want to send a sample of your file for us to look and work at. This way, aside from a quote, you will also receive a sample of our work.

Reach out to our team

If you need a Quote or an Estimate

The easiest way in getting a quote/estimate from us is by filling out the Quote/Estimate Request form for your work. You may also attach a sample of your work together with the detailed instructions of what should we perform towards the document.

If you need help in deciding the service

Send your email to our team for project and work inquiries. Alternatively, chat with us through our social media accounts and messengers. 

  • Mailto: [email protected]
  • Phone: +62 813 2450 6306
  • WhatsApp & SMS: +62 813 2450 6306
  • Facebook: @eymatef
  • Instagram: @eymatef

Other inquiries

Send your queries to our email at: [email protected] and please allow 24-hours for us to reply your email.