Our team provides high-quality document writing/editing and research solutions  based on your needs and goals. Below are the brief details on the services we offer. The frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found in its independent section here. Also, to tailor the service according to your needs, it is always the best practice to have a further discussion with our editors and writers, of course without any charge.


The copy-editing service covers the checking of mistakes and inconsistencies of your manuscript, focusing not only to the bigger pictures, but also the smaller details. That means we will check your manuscript and prepare a broad and comprehensive assessment where error corrections in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax will be on the list. Our team will also check for the technical consistency in writing style, such as capitalization, font usage, and numerals, as well as spelling variations in either British or American English. The comprehensive edit by our editor will be in-depth and thorough, tackling every single line of the manuscript. Two editors will be assigned to handle your manuscript, where the second editor will be the second pair of eyes to avoid typo blindness made by the first editor. 

We copyedit both academic/scientific and business type of documents. The time required to complete a copyediting job may vary depending on the length of your manuscript. However, contrary to what many people thought, a copyediting job really takes time. Spare three to five weeks for our editor to complete a copyediting job for an academic type of publications that range from 100 to 200 pages. 


The proofreading service is tailored for the authors whom their drafts are almost ready for publication. The draft has been edited, as well as designed and laid out in the right format. Our proofreader will search for the grammatical and typographical errors. This service does not suggest major changes to your draft; rather, it will look for minor errors to ensure that your material is ready for publication.

Different from copyediting, a proofreading job can be considered as a light editing process that is performed by a proofreader. You may consider the job itself as a quality assurance measure before you publish your work. A proofreader will check and correct your manuscript, such as from inconsistent spelling or hyphenations. However, if there are too many errors are cited, our proofreader may advise you to copyedit the manuscript instead of proofreading it. 

The time required for our proofreader to work on a manuscript with 100 to 200 pages may vary from 3 to 7 days. 


The formatting service covers the work of adjusting your draft to certain document style and format so it will look polished, professional and have an impact towards the reader. No revision and adjustment towards the content of the manuscript will be made. If you are trying to format your files to meet certain requirements from a publisher, then our editor will need the ‘Instruction for Authors’ file or the template from the designated publisher, that will act as a guide in adjusting the elements of your material into the desired format.

The normal time for us to complete one job of formatting may vary from 1 to 3 days, depending on the length of the document. 


Eyma TEF provides translation for non-legal documents that does not require translation certificate. Currently we translate  from Arabic, French, Bahasa Melayu (Malay language) and Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language) to English, and vice versa. We differentiate the last two since there are many different use of vocabularies, despite of being in the same family language. So far, our clients have been using our translation service for academic, in particular, and commercial purposes. 

The time required for our translator to translate a lengthy project will vary from three to five weeks, depending on the context of the manuscript.

Research Consultation

Eyma TEF has individuals who possess academic qualification on Master and PhD levels. They have the experience not only in academic writing and publication, but also the execution of the related-research itself. This includes proposal drafting, project planning and management, research preparation, materials and equipment procurement, experimental design, and report drafting. 

Most of our clients who would like to utilize our assistance in document works also seek for advice from us on the practical aspect of their research. When it particularly comes to academic publication, the quality of your research can significantly affect  your publication. Our team understands the significance of this matter, hence, we also offer our time and knowledge in the form of discussion and consultation for our clients.