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Publication and Proposal Clinics

We give training on tips to publish, how to write your manuscript and cover letter. We also cover how to address reviewers' and editors' comments. There are many more. Contact us and we will guide you.

Deal with Plagiarism

Guiding you how to avoid plagiarism in our writing and how to fix it when it exists.

How to Write a Review

Training on how to conduct a review, systematic review and bibliometric analysis.

Reference Manager Tricks

Training on how to use reference managers to organize your research and cite while you write.

English as a Second Language

Virtual (Online) classes on demand, for groups as well as individuals. Learn and speak with professional English teachers who are also qualified to guide you for the IELTS test.

Project Management

PMP® certification is the gold standard for Project Management professionals. Learn from expert practitioners and pass the PMP® exam with this course. Join our certified PMP®.

Design of Experiment

Every engineering researcher would have used used DoE at least once. However, many do not really understand how to explain the results. Don't worry and give us a call.

Design & Development

Training on video editing and recording of classes for teachers and lecturers. This is to assist the lecturers in using learning management system (LMS).

Arabic as a Second Language

Virtual (Online) classes on demand, for groups as well as individuals. Learn and speak with native Arabic speakers who are also certified to teach you reading the Quran

Reliability and Excellence

"There is no finish line when it comes to system reliability and availability, and our efforts to improve performance never cease."

Marc Benioff

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