Webmail settings for Editor

A. Preface

Eyma TEF temporarily provides webmail service for the editorial team, where we hope in the near future to replace it with a proper email client (e.g. Google Mail, Outlook, etc.). The logic behind this approach is the idea to facilitate the editorial team member in representing themselves through a simple means of email correspondences, yet at the same time tightening the spending until the business foundation laid out and streams of steady income started. 

The following points should be noted:

  • :: Avoid utilizing the email service in an intensive manner with a big load of attachments. Webmail service is integrated with the website service. If one of them is overloaded, then the other will be rendered useless (could not be accessed). 
  • :: We encourage you to communicate with the client with the webmail (our team) service at the introductory phase and provide them a reference to your personal email (e.g. Gmail) for the latter purpose.
  • :: The capacity of storage provided is only 1 GB.
  • :: Please take a note that uploading or downloading big size attachment file may consume the resources of the website, and may lead to the downtime of both website and webmail services. Take a good care when you are handling an attachment.
B. Accessing Webmail via Browser

:: The email address and its default password should be given by the admin of the group. Once they are obtained, you can use them to access the webmail service.

:: Step 1. Access the webmail service from the following link (http://webmail.eymatef.com/). A hyperlink is provided in the web footer for your easiness. Ignore the missing SSL/HTTPS (website not secure), since the webmail use should be temporary until we can purchase an email client service.

:: Step 2. Type in your email address and password to access the service.

:: Step 3. If this is the first time you logged in, you will be given three options for webmail applications: Horde, Roundcube, and Squirrelmail. Use Horde as it is recommended for mobile email access

:: Step 4. The user-interface for Horde is similar to many other email applications. Do not forget to change your password if required.

C. Email Mobile Access

:: We recommend you to integrate your inbox with your mobile device (e.g. smartphone) for your easiness.

:: For this purpose, you can use the Gmail application on your phone.

:: Step 1. Go to Account settings and select Add account

:: Step 2. On the ‘Set up email’ interface, select Personal (IMAP/POP)


:: Step 3. On the ‘Add your email address’ interface, type in your email address.

:: Step 4. Answer the ‘What type of account is this?’ question with Personal (IMAP).

:: Step 5. Type in the password of the email account on the ‘Password’ screen.

:: Step 6. On the ‘Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings’ leave everything by default.


:: Step 7. For the ‘Account Options’, you can set and adjust the settings based on your needs.

:: Step 8. Lastly, set your Account Name and Your Name (this will be displayed on sent messages) in your Gmail application.

If you find any problem in accessing the webmail from both methods above, please request an assistance from our admin.

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